Keets Fish Farm Your Rainbow Trout Supplier!
  We sell rainbow trout.

Now taking orders for 2021.
The season opening is based on weather and will be determined closer to spring. Season usually runs mid-end of April ending Mid May.

  Rainbow Trout      
  x 5" ($1.30 each, over 1000 $1.20 each)    
  x 6" ($1.75 each)    
  x 7" ($2.15 each)    
  Fish Feed Fish feed is available for $85.00 per bag.    
  bags ($85.00 each)    
  Nature's Pond Dye      
  x 1 gal ($75.00 each)    
  x 2.5 gal ($175.00 each)    
  x 5 gal ($320.00 each)    

Bags will be provided for your order at $2.25 each. Depending on the size of your order, the number of bags will vary. On average there are 125 four inch fingerlings per bag.

*** This is a live Product. No sizes or quantities are ever guaranteed.***


Aeration Equipment:
Aeration equipment available upon request. Please call for pricing.

To make an order, email Be sure to include your name, address, and contact information, as well as the numbers of each type and size of fish you would like | (306) 260-0288 or (306) 270-4639