Keets Fish Farm Your Rainbow Trout Supplier!
  We sell rainbow trout.

Now taking orders for 2021.
The season opening is based on weather and will be determined closer to spring. Season usually runs mid-end of April ending Mid May.

  Cost Per Fingerling: 2021 Pricing        
  Rainbow Trout
  Over 1000
  *fish that fall between two size categories will have adjusted pricing  

Packing: $2.25 per bag. Fish are recommended to be removed from bags within 4 hours, but can last much longer. The bags are made of heavy duty plastic that is about 3' long by 1' wide.

Each bag will hold approximately:
60 x 5" fish
35 x 6" fish
25 x 7" fish
Average stocking rate is 300 fish/acre (200'x200')

When picking up, please bring a tarp or a blanket to cover your fish. It is important to keep your fish cool and dark.

Keets Fish Farm

Keets Fish Farm

Fish feed is available at $85.00 per 18kg bag.

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